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Swine Flu Emergency

   Posted by: Robert    in News, Politics

As the international hyperventilation over swine flu continues, it appears that the disease is now a national emergency.  As absurd as the declaration, and its associated language, are, the stated reason for the declaration now is fairly revealing of different issues with the US government.

According to Jennifer Nuzzo of the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Biosecurity, the national emergency declaration is “just a precautionary move so if need be we can focus on the care of patients rather than focus on administrative hurdles. In disasters, you often don’t have the time or luxury to keep the paperwork in order. You want hospitals focusing on patients.”  White House spokesman Reid Cherlin echoed this sentiment, stating that “If granted a waiver [under the declaration], hospitals would be freed from some regulations that guide their behavior during normal day-to-day operations.”

To phrase all of that somewhat differently, it sounds as if normal government regulations are getting in the way of doctors and hospitals providing effective medical treatment by default, and the state of emergency is needed to allow patients to be cared for in ways more in line with how medical professionals, rather than government bureaucrats, feel is most appropriate.

If a state of emergency is considered necessary for the management of such a benign illness, that fact alone should raise serious questions about the impact of government regulation during times of normal operation.

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