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The Great Obamacare Waiver Vote

   Posted by: Robert    in Politics

The news has been getting around this week that the Republican controlled House of Representatives is planning to introduce a bill to repeal Obamacare.  Getting rid of Obama’s health care regime is, of course, one of the main issues on which conservatives campaigned this past year and is, quite appropriately, a top issue for incoming Republicans.  I hope that the bill attracts every Republican and as many Democrats as possible.  That said, I don’t believe the repeal bill should have been introduced.

Current circumstances in government — which the liberal media won’t let us forget — are that Democrats control the Senate and the White House.  Even if the vote in the House of Representatives is unanimous, the Senate can still simply vote down the legislation or fail to vote on it at all, and President Obama is sure to veto anything that somehow manages to get as far as his desk.  Republicans haven’t got enough power to overturn a veto in either the House or the Senate.  Put it all together, and the chance that any Obamacare repeal actually happen is effectively zero.

So, why introduce the bill now?

Political cover:  Voting for the repeal right now gives legislators an opportunity to bolster their conservative credentials without actually doing anything.  This bill is excellent for liberal Republicans (and moderate Democrats) who need to bolster their conservative credentials but don’t want to risk actually pulling the law to the right.

For conservatives, however, it’s results that matter, and this bill at this time promises none.

When the only possible benefit is to the voting record of moderate leftists, I can’t help but feel like the American people are being set up.  Come next election, I’m sure we’ll see politicians who voted repeatedly to expand government power and further soak the tax paying public in red ink will be on the airwaves patting themselves on the back for having taken a stand with their vote against Obamacare.  They will do what they can to become indistinguishable from the true conservatives, and this vote will loom large in the picture they’ll paint.

And then, what happens two years from now?  “We tried to repeal Obamacare once, but it went nowhere.  Oh well.  Sorry.”  If they say anything at all.

With no chance of actual success, the upcoming vote on repealing Obamacare is nothing more than symbolic.  It looks good, and is sure to please the conservative electorate who came out in November hoping for just such a repeal, but the only people who benefit are leftists.   The goal for now, which I think the people understand, should be to defund Obamacare immediately and save the repeal until the voters can create a true conservative majority 2012.



Brown Teabags Coakley

   Posted by: Izzymandias    in Uncategorized

What are the important things to take away from tonight?

1) A well-sold conservative message can work, even in Ted Kennedy’s home town. While it may be that Scott Brown isn’t the most solid conservative out there, his message and campaign were pure Reagan.

2) Standing up for yourself works. Brown refused to allow his opponents to define him or frame the issues. He publicly called them on their antics. Shades of Reagan’s “there they go again.”

3) If Massachusetts isn’t safe, NOWHERE is safe. And, tomorrow, every citizen needs to call their senators and congressmen to make sure they know that. If Obamacare can topple Massachusetts, then Virginia can’t be far behind… Sen. Warner… Sen. Webb?

4) Obamacare is Pyrrhic… and it hasn’t even passed yet. Wait until the taxes start in. If, as many are expecting, the House rolls over and passes the Senate version of the bill, several election cycles will pass between when we start paying more and when people can pull up to the public teat.

5) It helps to do a nude spread in Cosmo. At the very least, that should keep Newt off the radar.

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