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Obama’s Elephant and Donkey Show

   Posted by: Izzymandias    in Politics

Michelle Malkin suggests that Republicans should avoid the open-camera discussion with Obama about health care.  She suggests that they’re just opening themselves up to being cast as the villains in an Obama-run theatrical event.

I disagree.

I think there’s no good that would come from rebuffing Obama’s overtures, regardless of how insincere we believe them to be.  For one thing, that will just get the Republicans branded as blind obstructionists, with no way to counter that opinion.

More importantly, though, where Obama goes, so go the cameras.  The Republicans have submitted, over the past year, at least three health care bills that have gotten no exposure.  Congressional Democrats have buried them, and the media hasn’t even had the courtesy to attend the funeral.  To run an obituary for non-Obama health care reform would be to acknowledge that the deceased existed at all.

Beyond that, however, it allows the Republicans to make their case and force the Democrats to defend mandates, union favors, and denying mammograms to women.  Republicans can push the issue and show America that there is a clear reason Republicans have been opposing Obamacare for so long and that not only do we have the answers, but the Democrats do not.

Did I mention that it would give us a chance to show that we have the answers?  Good, just making sure.

We have the initiative in this debate; it would be folly not to pursue it.

That being said, the Republicans are going to have to do two things in order to pull this off.

First, they’re going to have to find someone in that gaggle of politicians who understands the issues and the issues behind the issues, and who can step up and be the voice of the party.  He should be someone who is unashamed of the free-market concept of health care, an advocate of liberty, and eloquent.  Unfortunately, Dr. Thomas Sowell doesn’t hold elected office, so we’ll have to find someone else.

Second, the Republicans will need to find a stage manager – someone who can take on Rahm Emanuel, head-to-head, and keep the Republicans from being hamstrung by absurd rules that give Obama all the stage time, and relegate the Republicans to ten seconds of rebuttal following a ten-hour Obama speech (with or without teleprompter – by the sixth hour, does its presence even matter anymore?).  This someone’s sole job is to make sure it’s a fair fight for a change.  Karl Rove, are you out there?