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Brown Teabags Coakley

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What are the important things to take away from tonight?

1) A well-sold conservative message can work, even in Ted Kennedy’s home town. While it may be that Scott Brown isn’t the most solid conservative out there, his message and campaign were pure Reagan.

2) Standing up for yourself works. Brown refused to allow his opponents to define him or frame the issues. He publicly called them on their antics. Shades of Reagan’s “there they go again.”

3) If Massachusetts isn’t safe, NOWHERE is safe. And, tomorrow, every citizen needs to call their senators and congressmen to make sure they know that. If Obamacare can topple Massachusetts, then Virginia can’t be far behind… Sen. Warner… Sen. Webb?

4) Obamacare is Pyrrhic… and it hasn’t even passed yet. Wait until the taxes start in. If, as many are expecting, the House rolls over and passes the Senate version of the bill, several election cycles will pass between when we start paying more and when people can pull up to the public teat.

5) It helps to do a nude spread in Cosmo. At the very least, that should keep Newt off the radar.

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