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Liberals on Crime?

   Posted by: Robert    in Philosophy

I had this thought during a conversation with Elizabeth who was talking about the effect of gun free zones on crime.  It’s a cynical idea, but I wonder how much truth it may contain.

More crime means you need more government to control crime. In particular, more police. When liberals are asked to cut budgets, the first thing they cut are police. But people hate that, and will often concede to tax increases instead. Victory: liberalism.



Note to NRA

   Posted by: Robert    in News, Politics

I see what you are doingQuit it.




   Posted by: Elizabeth    in Politics

Two things struck me today as I performed my daily glean of headlines from aggregate news sites. One, an executive order from our newly inaugurated President, the other, a policy change from his newly appointed Secretary of State. The problem? I mean, aside from the fact that government has no business at all doing either of these things.

Worked it out? It’s the recession. Presumably, President Obama knows about this particular situation and is working to alleviate the strain. So.. why is it that he and his top cabinet official are actively working to increase spending given to international programs?

These policies come hot on the heels of the most expensive Presidential inauguration in US history. It cost so much, in fact, that President Bush declared a state of emergency in Washington, D.C. to help cover the costs. A state of emergency. How is it that no one at the top is seeing that we just do not have the money for the things some of them are wanting to do?

This is not the first occurrence, nor will it be the last, in what I expect will become a long trail of breadcrumbs left by this administration. For all our sakes, I hope that I am wrong. In the meantime, stay vigilant and keep an eye out for the trail.