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Flames of Freedom is dedicated to promoting free and open discussion. We believe that only the free exchange of facts and open discussion of ideas can bring about a more solid understanding of the issues facing the world in which we live. We realize, however, that controversial issues and deeply held beliefs can generate hostility, especially on the Internet. As such, we have developed the following policies to ensure that the flow of information remains as unrestricted as possible without becoming descending into chaos.


By posting comments to this site, comment authors agree to release their content under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License as modified herein:

  1. Flames of Freedom will never sell the content of comments. However, Flames of Freedom may, at its sole discretion, place paid advertisements on its website, including on pages composed primarily or exclusively of comments. Comment authors shall have no right or entitlement to any revenue generated by advertisements placed on the Flames of Freedom website.
  2. Authors of comments who choose to post anonymously agree to waive all copyrights and assert that the content of their comments are released into the Public Domain. A post is considered anonymous if its author has not registered an account with Flames of Freedom, has not provided Flames of Freedom with a valid email address, and has not otherwise consciously provided a reliable means of identifying its author.


Although Flames of Freedom is dedicated to allowing the free flow of facts, ideas, and opinions, we recognize that it may occasionally be necessary to impose restrictions on the number or type of comments posted. Moderation decisions made by Flames of Freedom are intended to ensure a welcoming environment for the open discussion of facts and opinions in which users may feel comfortable posting without fear that they will be harassed or intimidated for comments they may post.

Flames of Freedom shall be the sole and exclusive authority for providing moderation.  Flames of Freedom may restrict the posting rights of users, individually or collectively. Flames of Freedom may delete any comment posted. Flames of Freedom may edit any comment posted as long as any such editing is accompanied by a public notice stating the nature of any changes.

All moderation decisions made by Flames of Freedom are considered final. Moderation decisions may be made at will and do not require cause. Moderation decisions may be made without warning or notice.

In general, moderation decisions will be made on an individual basis with respect to each comment posted.  Comments of a pornographic or otherwise sexually explicit nature, comments advertising products, and comments seeking only to drive traffic to other websites will normally be deleted automatically. Comments whose only purpose is to intimidate or harass other users will also normally be deleted. Comments which are grossly inflammatory or otherwise hostile to the spirit of open discussion may be deleted. Users who abuse the comment system may be restricted or prevented from making further comments. Flames of Freedom does not guarantee that every comment made will be individually reviewed.

Complaints regarding comments posted or regarding moderator action may be directed to abuse@flamesoffreedom.com. Please be aware that proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as politeness, will all count favorably toward receiving a positive response.

Disclaimers of Liability

Flames of Freedom is not responsible for the content of any comments posted. The appearance of a comment on the website does not, in any way, imply agreement with or acceptance of its content by Flames of Freedom.