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The Trouble with Liberals Is…

   Posted by: Elizabeth

I came across an article this week that perfectly articulates something that I have been saying myself for quite a long time, but didn’t have the proper words to express until now: Debating Leftists Is Like Debating Charles Manson.

The thesis of the article is this: that Leftists aren’t “operating in the same reality [as their debate opponents]. They do not operate in reality at all.”

This is something I come across in seemingly every major issue that liberals and conservatives come to a head about. Truly Conservative views are backed up with solid, undeniable facts. Liberal views are “supported” with a lot of logically invalid emotional appeals.

Take, for example, the gun issue. The conservative stance is that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are relatively safe and are certainly more safe than only criminals possessing guns. They have several decades of studies with which to support this position. The liberal stance? “But I just don’t think it’s a good idea to have guns [wherever].” Wait.. I’m sorry.. when did “I just don’t think…” ever become a valid debate point? It doesn’t matter what you think, what can you PROVE? What can you show us with factual, valid evidence? And for that matter, why are we still passing laws based on what people think, especially in situations where the data points otherwise?

(Are you listening to me, Congress? Lowering healthcare costs by RAISING HEALTHCARE COSTS is just not. going. to do it. Query: how many of you, as of this moment, are ACTUALLY, CERTIFIABLY INSANE? I want to see hands, people, because nothing else makes any semblance of sense.)

But I digress. The point is that you cannot have a reasoned debate with people when you cannot agree on the premises. Conservatives think laws should be written based on, dare I say it, TRUTH. On what is actually happening in our country. Liberals, on the other hand, think they should be based on PUPPIES AND KITTIES, AND OH MY GOD THE CHILDREN. I don’t know… maybe there’s something wrong with me… but I just don’t find that a particularly compelling argument.